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Greedtone Fuzz - Handbuilt in Seattle WA

Greedtone Fuzz - Handbuilt in Seattle WA

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Introducing an All New Greedtone Single Stage Fuzz!

This is a great stand alone fuzz that when placed in front of other pedals can create unique custom sounds. Don't be fooled by the one knob design. Versatility really kicks in when you clean up the volume knob of your instrument. This pedal has a big rich fuzzy sound that retains your instruments tone in all settings. If your looking for vintage era fuzz tones you can find them here and if your looking to push your current sound into the fuzzy ozone stratosphere this pedal is prepared for lift off!


  • Simple One Knob Control
  • 9v DC
  • True Bypass
  • Transistor Powered Fuzz
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