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AKG Perception 200 2010s - Gray

AKG Perception 200 2010s - Gray

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This microphone is in excellent like new condition and I am not certain that it was ever even used. It comes in the original carrying case with the microphone, shock mount and adapter which is still in the plastic. Here are some more specs about this microphone:


The AKG Perception 200 is a fixed-cardioid, large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone, with the addition of a high-pass filter and switchable pad.

The pad and filter are engaged via switches on the microphone body.

The frequency graphs with flat response from 80Hz to 5000Hz, and a +2dB rise centered at 10kHz. Note that although AKG's published frequency range starts at 20Hz, the mic's -3dB point is closer to 50Hz.

The AKG Perception 200 is a cost effective, studio grade, condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid polar pattern. The condenser element and high quality output electronics result in excellent sonic character and detail at an outstanding value. The microphone features a switchable bass roll-off for added control over low frequency noise. A -10dB pad switch provides added headroom and minimizes distortion and when capturing peaking audio signals. The Perception 200 is an excellent choice for project studio recording, pod casts and more.

Cardioid Polar Pattern

The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes off-axis noise while suppressing feedback.

Switchable Roll-Off Filter

A low frequency roll-off filter eliminates low frequency noise and hum.

-10dB Pad

A -10dB pad switch provides added headroom and minimizes distortion.

AKG Perception 200 Specs

Transducer1-inch large-diaphragm, true condenser pressure-gradient microphonePolar PatternCardioid

Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHzDynamic Range (Typical) not specified by manufacturer

Signal-to-Noise Ratio78 dB (re 1 Pa)Maximum Input Sound Level135 / 145 dB SPL (0 / -10 dB) for 0.5 % THD

Power Requirements48 V +/- 4V phantom power to DIN 45 596 / 268-15IECOutput Impedance<=200 ohmsOutput Connectors3-pin XLRPad-10dBLow Frequency Roll-Off12 dB/octave, 300 Hz

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