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Speedster Class A 40 40 watt Tube Head with Matching 2x12 cab USA Rare!

Speedster Class A 40 40 watt Tube Head with Matching 2x12 cab USA Rare!

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Speedster Class A 40 40 Watt Tube Amplifier With Matching 2x12 Cab.

Its In 100% working order and Excellent shape. These are Very Rare Boutique amps Designed and Built in USA in Gig Harbor Washington By Eric Collins.


  • Manufacture: Speedster Amplifiers
  • Head Model: Class A 40
  • Controls: Preamp, bass, Treble, Volume/bypass
  • Switchs: Power, Standby, Dual Voice preamp switch (Ringing Chime/Vintage Crunch, Single Coil/ Humbucker)
  • Channels: 1
  • Head Inputs: 2x 1/4”, Hi/Low
  • Head Outputs: 2x 1/4 speaker 8 ohm/16 ohm switchable
  • Cab Inputs: 1x 1/4”
  • Head Wattage: 40w / 20w switchable
  • Cab Wattage:150w
  • Speakers: 2x12” Eminence Red Coats
  • Enclosure: Closed back
  • Preamp Tubes: 2x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: 4x EL84
  • Cab Construction: plexiglass rear panels, ported/Semi Closed, Metal Grill
  • Features: All Hand-Wired
  • Color: Black Tolex, Green Anodized Aluminium face plates and Grill, Jewel Power light
  • Weight: Head: 42lbs, Cab: 45lbs
  • Country: USA

“Front Panel Features

Hi/Low sensitivity inputs- Use the "Hi" input for most situations when using traditional passive Single Coil and Humbucking pickups. Use of the "Low" input may yield better results when using high output of active pickups.   The "Low" input should always be used when trying to achieve the cleanest tone possible, regardless of pickup type.

Dual Voiced Preamp- In conjunction with the "Preamp" control knob, the Dual Voiced Preamp switch allows you to effectively focus the tonal "sweet spot" of the amplifier relative to the style of pickup in your guitar. This exciting and unique feature is the first of its kind in the guitar amplification industry and it's one of the key ingredients to the amplifier's rich and flexible tone.

  • SINGLE COIL MODE: Perfect for ringing chords with swirling top-end chime. Wide frequency response yields a tone that is harmonically thick, yet clear, with a punchy Bass and glassy high-treble response. The available flavors range from Tight, Crisp and Clean to Smooth and Overdriven, all at the turn of the "Preamp control knob.
  • HUMBUCKING MODE: This is where the Class A "40" really shows its teeth. Both extreme treble and bass have been attenuated to produce a more focused tone, while eliminating any tendency towards ice pick highs and/ or mushy low-end response. What really makes this setting exceptional, however, is the mountain of added upper-midrange that produces a snarling, in-your-face attitude that will have you both surprised and satisfied. It should be mentioned that the most aggressive breakup tone settings are actually with the "Preamp" control knob at or near its minimum. Turning the control up and through its range will add more gain and yield a smoother, more vocal tone. (The Humbucking mode is not intended to deliver much in the way of clean tone. If a clean tone with Humbucker is required it can best be had by using the "Low" input in the Single Coil position.)

Active Tone Controls- The Class A "40" features an active tone circuit designed for maximum flexibility with a minimum of gain loss. The tone controls are voiced for a flat frequency response at "straight-up 12:00". This is the natural sound of the amplifier. It is recommended to begin with both Bass and Treble controls at 12:00 and add or subtract as needed. Running both controls at their maximum will produce a pronounced midrange cut, while both controls in the minimum positions will give a decisive midrange boost. The wide range of frequency shaping available may be more than you are used to with a typical vintage style tone circuit. As you play the amplifier at higher "Preamp" control settings and/ or high volume, you may find it necessary to reduce the Bass and Treble settings as needed.

True Bypass Master Volume- A real post-phase inverter Master Volume affecting ONLY the Power amp section of the amplifier. This control has been designed to not turn the amplifier volume completely off at its minimum setting, instead, it will effectively bring the volume down to "bedroom" levels. The volume knob turning response is very gradual and linear, with an industry first "True Bypass" electronic disconnect in the maximum position for non-master vintage amp lovers. In this position the Master Volume is completely removed from the circuit leaving the "Preamp knob to function as the sole amplifier volume control. Using the Master Volume control interactively with the "Preamp" knob will allow you to very effectively control the mix of Preamp vs. Power amp overdrive, as well as greatly varying the playing response and dynamic characteristics of the amplifier. Experiment with the possible settings to find what works best for your application.

Pilot Lamp Indicator- Illuminates when the Power switch has been placed in the on position. Unscrew Jewel to replace with a #47 bulb, as needed.

Standby Switch- Tubes are allowed to "warm up" in the off position. Leave the Standby switch in the off position for at least 30 seconds when first powering up or when taking a break from playing to greatly extend tube life. Position switch to the on position when you are ready to play.

Precaution! Never restrict airflow to the back of the amplifier. The SPEEDSTER Class A "40" is intentionally biased "Hot" for maximum tone and power output. All cathode biased "Class A" amplifiers actually draw more current idling with no signal than they do when being played. Letting the Class A "40" idle for prolonged periods of time with no input signal will cause the amplifier to produce more heat than usual, therefore reducing tube life. Use of the Standby Switch is highly advised when taking extended breaks from playing. Doing so will definitely serve your tubes well and leave you wallet much happier. Rear Panel Features

AC power receptacle- Accepts power cord. 120V with Ground.

Fuse Holder- Only replace with 2 1/2 Amp Fuse

40 watt/ 20 watt Variable Power- Quickly choose to run either a pair or quartet of EL84s to adjust the volume to best accommodate your recording or live performance situation without compromising the tone, feel, or response of the amplifier.

Speaker outputs- Two outputs are provided to allow the option to run either one or two speaker cabinets.

Output impedance switch- Allows either an 8 or 16-ohm speaker load to be used. Position switch in the 16-ohm position if using one Class A "40" 2 x 12" Speaker cabinet, as each cabinet is rated at 16-ohms. Position switch in the 8-ohm position when using two 16-ohm cabinets. “

“Hand wired Class A Circuit

A Classic British style cathode-biased power amp is employed to operate mostly in a "Class A" mode. This, along with having no negative feedback loop, allows the amplifier to deliver tonal purity and maximum clarity. Additionally, a solid-state rectifier is utilized for 40-watt performance, tighter bass and more immediate response than would be otherwise possible.

Occasionally, you may notice an odd note following your playing at certain high "Preamp" or high volume settings, especially while using a Humbucker in the neck position. This is called a "Ghost note" and is common to all Class A designs. By simply switching to 20-Watt power mode, you may find that all or most of this phenomenon will disappear. “

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