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Pro Tone Pedals

Pro Tone Pedals Essential Edition Fuzz (video)

Pro Tone Pedals Essential Edition Fuzz (video)

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With a super-shapeable sound that’s great for both bass and guitar, the ProTone Essential Edition Fuzz can dish out everything from a smooth, thick fuzz to a wailing, gated buzz with the turn of a knob. There are, of course, basic Fuzz and Volume knobs, but the real tone carving comes in with the Shape and Tone controls. Crank the Shape knob and you’ve got a really biting, harsh fuzz, or turn it down for a creamier sound. If you dime the Tone control, you’ve got a mid and high boost, but keeping it low will deepen your lows. It’s hard to go wrong with a flexible pedal like the ProTone Essential Edition Fuzz.

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