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EVH 5150 Iconic Series 15-watt 1 x 10-inch Tube Combo Amp - Ivory 2023

EVH 5150 Iconic Series 15-watt 1 x 10-inch Tube Combo Amp - Ivory 2023

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The 5150 Iconic Series combo delivers two channels of tube-infused, EVH-style tone with a streamlined design that satisfies the needs of gigging and recording guitarists alike. This tube amp combo covers the full gamut of Edward Van Halen's contemporary hard rock tones, with an extra voicing on each channel for added versatility.

There's plenty of sound shaping onboard, with per-channel Gain and Volume, a shared 3-band EQ, and global Resonance and Presence controls. What's more, this amp's custom-designed EVH Celestion speaker and tailor-built cabinet produce pristine cleans and articulate high-gain tones with ample low-end response.

The 5150 Iconic Series combo also includes a high-quality reverb to ensure U.S.-prime, grade-A-stamped sound. Other features include a power reduction circuit, speaker-emulated output, dual parallel speaker outputs, selectable impedance, and an excellent-sounding effects loop. If you're craving EVH's latter-day sound, the 5150 Iconic Series combo delivers the searing tone and growling gain that King Edward made famous.

EVH 5150 Iconic Series Combo Features:

  • 15W, 2-channel, 1 x 10-inch tube amplifier combo voiced for Edward Van Halen's latter-day tone
  • Extra voicing on each channel gives you added sonic versatility
  • Channel 1 delivers crystalline cleans or "Blue"-style crunch via an Overdrive switch
  • Channel 2 produces high-gain tones with fiery leads via a blistering-hot Burn setting
  • Each channel includes independent Gain and Volume controls for easy level matching
  • Shared 3-band EQ supplies you with effortless sonic sculpting
  • Global Resonance and Presence knobs adjust the high- and low-end aspects of your tone
  • Custom-designed 10-inch EVH Celestion speaker is voiced specifically for the amp
  • Smooth-sounding reverb injects your playing with depth and dimension
  • Power reduction circuit unleashes stadium-sized tones at bedroom-appropriate volumes
  • Speaker-emulated output makes DI-ing super simple
  • Dual parallel speaker outputs provide no-fuss expansion
  • High-quality effects loop for integrating your pedalboard and outboard processors
  • MDF cabinet with internal plywood baffling exhibits tight and increased low-end response
  • Rugged textured vinyl cover with brushed aluminum front panel and black cloth grille
  • Eye-catching 5150 and EVH logo badges
  • Molded plastic top handle for easy transport
  • Includes a 2-button footswitch for channel selection
  • Serial Number: ICTL22714513
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