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Greedtone Overdrive 2 Hand Built in Seattle WA

Greedtone Overdrive 2 Hand Built in Seattle WA

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OverDrive II

In the quest for great musical tone we all have the potential to discover something great.

Here at Greedtone, we strive to conquer that quest! The mission is to make the best sounding equipment imaginable.

So how is the Greedtone Overdrive II different to the millions of other drives on the market, well firstly it's designed around the professionally trained ears of Greg, sound guy for some of the worlds largest bands.

Secondly this pedal has mega amounts of volume on tap (4V in fact) in order to push your amp into its natural happy place. This may well be the loudest drive on the market today.

The gain stage is designed to not just clip the signal giving great rock through to metal tones, it's also designed to bring out the sparkle and harmonics of your guitars natural tone. This is due, in part, to the extremely high end hi-fi audio components used.

The "Greed" control is where things start becoming crazy, this beast of a control begins feeding extra bass into the gain section of the pedal. This essentially allows you to shape which frequencies receive more attention from the gain stage.

The results are so extremely wide ranging as turned right down you have yourself a great rocking overdrive pedal BUT when you start diming this knob into an overdriving amp you enter a world of Sludge and Doom as yet unheard of.

So you have your new favourite drive on the board and it‘s time to kick in the lead tone … WAIT, try la MORE switch.

An entire second stage of distortion is at your disposal, that's right, the Greedtone OD is a double drive pedal. Perhaps we should have called it the ODD.


9v DC

True bypass

4049 chip

Built-in noise reduction circuitry

Blue LED Indicator

Silver mica caps (for cleaner highs)

Ultra rugged die-cast aluminum chassis

Long lasting High Quality Pots

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