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Diezel Custom D-Moll 2.5-Channel 100-Watt Guitar Amp Head Slate Bronco Tolex w/Matte Black Corners

Diezel Custom D-Moll 2.5-Channel 100-Watt Guitar Amp Head Slate Bronco Tolex w/Matte Black Corners

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New Diezel Custom D Moll 100watt All Tube Head in Slate Bronco Tolex with Matte Black Corners. Made in Germany 2024.

The Diezel D-Moll is a muscular 100-watt head that delivers sparkling cleans to blistering dirty sounds from four output tubes and six preamp tubes. Features include three midi-switchable preamp sections ("clean","crunch" and "insane"), a MIDI-controllable "Mid-Cut" MIDI-controlled FX loops (series and parallel) and much more.

The classic Diezel tone is present and accounted for. The D-MOLL reacts fast to the touch, but with a smooth, even touch. Its exceptional dynamic response lets your guitar broadcast its true personality with clarity and "air." Diezel amps are revered for their expansive, "open" character that allows the player to explore a myriad of musical sounds and styles. Make no mistake - this is not a "faceless" amp - it's simply capable of stunningly versatile performance.

CH 1 / The "Clean" channel is crystal clean for most of its range, but offers just a bit of compression and overdrive when the gain control is maxed. This is a huge, sparkly-yet- warm-sounding clean channel, at home comping jazz chords or squeezing out funk rhythms.

CH 2 / The crunch channel has a natural, robust quality - think Texas blues to heavy rock rhythm to smooth medium-to- high gain solo sounds.

CH 3 / The "Insane" channel starts at a heavy saturated rhythm sound to fully-realized blazing lead tones. Nice and creamy when you roll back the guitars tone knob a little, but brutal when you crank it all the way up.

Mid-Cut / The D-Moll boasts a selectable Mid-Cut feature, sweeping from full mid bite to dark scoop. The Mid Cut feature has a level control that allows the player to bump or reduce the volume as needed.

The D-Moll's master section features dual Volume controls, a global Presence knob and a "Deep" control, which offers to boost the low frequencies at 90 Hz.

Store switches, loop and mute patches simply by hitting the store switch. If you want to expand your rig, Herbert has two different series loops. Use the switchable loop to add channels with an outboard preamp. Use the non-switchable with your preferred FX unit. If you need to tune while gigging, simply set a patch muted with midi.

With extensive MIDI control built in, the D-Moll does not come with a foot switch, as players have wide switching options. Optional: The Diezel Columbus Midi Switcher and the FS7HE (Not Included)


  • Make: Diezel
  • Model: Custom D Moll
  • Year: 2024
  • Country: Germany
  • Serial: 6679
  • Custom Color Options: Slate Bronco Tolex with Matte Black Corners
  • Output: 100W /All Tube
  • Channels: 2.5 - first channel from clean to mild crunch, second from mild crunch to meaty crunch, third (shares eq with 2nd) with insane amounts of gain
  • Controls: 1st channel: Gain Volume, Treble, Mids, Bass 2nd channel: Gain Volume, Treble, Mids, Bass 3rd channel: Gain, Volume, 2-Master Volume, Presence, Deep, Mid Cut;Intensity/Level
  • Switches: On/Off, Standby, Ch Select 1-3 , Loop, Mute, Store, Master Volume Select, Midcut on/off Per Channel
  • Front Panel I/O: 1/4" Input
  • Rear Panel Outs: Speaker; 2x4ohm (2-8ohm)2x 8ohm-(2-16ohm) / 1x16ohm
  • Rear Auxiliary I/O: Columbus XLR in (Footswitch) 1x Compensated Out (Load Needed), 1xFS7HE
  • Loops: 2, series and parallel; both sends are midi switchable
  • Preamp: three preamps (clean, crunch, insane) with 2 EQs, additionally a (midi switchable) mid cut and also midi switchable loops (series and parallel)
  • Poweramp: 4 Tube Poweramp Section
  • Power Tubes: 4x Tad EL34-STR Redbase
  • Pre Tubes: 6x 12AX7
  • Midi: In/Out
  • Other Features: Tube Fault Indicators
  • Accessories: IEC Power Cable Included
  • Foot Switch: Not Included
  • Dimensions: 29.25″ length x 11″ wide x 10.75″ height
  • Weight: 54lbs
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